Music Faculty


We offer piano lessons for both kids and adults. Our piano classes expands from the absolute beginner to the advance level.. We prepare students for magnet programs exams as well as college level auditions across the nation. Students will develop a strong technique (including scales, arpeggios, chord progressions and etudes) and exceptional sight-reading skills. Our repertoire includes all different areas of music in the different levels of difficulty.


Composition lessons are offered for those student who wish to create their own music.


We offer guitar lessons for all ages and levels. Students can choose from classical, acoustic or electric guitar programs, custom programs can be designed with our teachers to better fit your preferences for any particular genre or music style. Whether to prepare for music college exams, to learn your favorite songs or to be the lead guitarist in a band, we can get you there!

Jazz Piano

Learn to play the piano with a swing rhythm and feel of Jazz. Jazz piano lessons are offered to both beginners and advanced students. Master the chord voicings, learn to improvise melodic lines using scales and chord tones while improve your physical skills of playing and the technical elements of harmony.

Keyboard Band

Music Production

Just like learning an instrument, the art of recording and mixing different instruments and voices takes time to learn. In our recording and music production lessons, we’ll start from the basics helping you to develop a good ear and taste, learning the standard procedures and different steps into the music recording and production industry. We’ll show you how to record vocals and live instruments, how to work with virtual instruments, samples, loops libraries, controllers, and most important, how to take a song from scratch and crafted it to a professional music product.

Music Theory


Drums lessons are energetic, interactive and fun. Learn to play congas, bongos, claves and any other percussion instrument.


Our violin lessons are taught using both the Suzuki and traditional methods. Cello lessons are offered to students in all proficiency levels.


Voice lessons are offered to students ages 7 through adults. It is never too late to begin taking voice lessons! It is recommended that voice students take piano as a secondary instrument in order to fully understand and acquire the fundamentals of singing. Students will be exposed to a variety of music and will develop proper vocal technique. They will also learn all fundamentals of music theory, performance skills, interpretation and diction. We welcome not just classical style of singing but also broadway, pop and contemporary.

Woodwinds & Brass

We offer trumpet lessons, flugelhorn lessons, flute lessons, saxophone lessons, clarinet lessons, oboe lessons, and trombone lessons. Our woodwinds and brass curriculum expands from the beginner to the advanced level in classical, jazz and pop.