About Us


Encore’s instructors are professionally trained musicians, dancers, actors and visual artists with college degrees in their profession who are dedicated in encouraging your child and developing their creativity through the arts. They are led by Encore’s Director and founder, Debora Sanchez, a professionally trained pianist who has been teaching piano for more than 19 years to beginner, advanced as well as college level students, and is guided by her passion for developing the artistic talents and abilities of students.



Our History

Encore opened its doors in October of 2010 with a total of 58 students and three piano teachers. Since then, we have expanded to include a second location in the South Miami area and carry over 250 students with a faculty of over 20 teachers in a variety of artistic backgrounds. Encore is trusted by its students and parents, and they are the ones who keep recommending us! “Word of mouth” is the key to our success thanks to our wonderful faculty and Encore’s positive and professional atmosphere at all times!

Encore is led by Director and Founder Debora Sanchez who graduated Cum Laude in the spring of 2003 from Florida International University (FIU) with a double major in Piano Performance and Music Education and received an award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Music. She completed her Masters Degree in Piano Performance as a student of Kemal Gekic at FIU where she received a full scholarship and a Teacher Assistant position for two years. While at FIU, Debora was also a student of Susan Starr, Dr. Roberta Rust, Joanne Schulte, Dr. Miguel Salvador and Loretta Dranoff.

Debora’s students have won numerous competitions in the district and state levels. She is also very active in the music education community in Miami and was the 2013-2015 President for the Miami Music Teachers Association which is affiliated with the Florida Music Teachers Association and Music Teachers National Association. Debora continuously works side by side at Encore with a wonderful group of teachers who share her same passion for the arts and education!

Our Mission

Encore’s mission is to nurture and develop the artistic gift of every student, and to offer our students an opportunity to grow in a creative, professional and positive atmosphere. We believe in teaching the art of music, dance, acting and visual arts in a constructive and encouraging way.

Students of all ages will enjoy private and/or group lessons in their chosen artistic field(s) and will have the opportunity to develop a deep appreciation for the arts. Our comprehensive curriculums are designed for the student who wants to learn as an extra-curricular activity as well as for those students who want to become professional musicians, dancers, actors and/or visual artists.

The supportive, professional and friendly atmosphere at Encore makes the learning process a very pleasant one!

Our South Miami Location

Our Kendall Location