Ivette Falcón 

Ivette Falcon - Cello Lessons Miami

Ivette Falcón was born in Cuba and graduated as an instrumentalist cello professor in Cuba´s National School of Music. She had postgraduate training with Mikhail Khomitzer in Madrid. She has been a member of The National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba and Symphony Orchestra of Cordoba in Spain under the direction of Leo Brouwer. She is currently a member of the Florida Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Marlene Urbay.

Ivette has been a member of several Chamber Music groups such as String Quartet of Havana, Quintet of the Villa with Guitarist Ileana Matos, and Cello Duo Cassadó.

She has toured and recorded with many popular artists like Bebo Valdés, Concha Buika, David Byrne, Jose Luis Perales, Paloma San Basilio, Alain Pérez, Andy and Lucas, Tam Tam Go, E.Bumbury, Rosa of Spain, Lole Montoya, Ars Ensemble, duo Gema y Pavel, Habana Abierta, Orishas, Dany Noel, Alejandro Frómeta, and Boris Larramendi.

Ivette has been a teacher of Violoncello, Orchestra, Musical Initiation, Music Theory and Music Therapy in Madrid´s Municipal School of Music for from 2002 and 2009 and 2014 Principal of the Municipal School of Music “Federico Chueca” Madrid, Spain. She is currently a cello professor at Encore Music Academy.