Carlos Puig-Hatem 

Carlos Puig-Hatem - Trumpet, Jazz Piano, Music Theory & Composition

Since the beginning of his career in 1985 with the creation of “Babel Latin Jazz Quintet”, Puig-Hatem has worked with musicians such as Joel Thome, Victor Pablo, Julio Barreto, Ravi Coltrane, Joan M. Serrat, Celia Cruz, Olga Guillot, Gema & Pavel, Willy Chirino, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Perico Sambeat, Habana Abierta and Mark Peters, among many other, sharing the scene in concerts and festivals in USA, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Morocco, Cuba and Algerie.

A multifaceted artist, Puig-Hatem has developed simultaneously different lines of work, as composer (with a more than 20 symphonic, chamber and choral works Catalog), as jazz, pop and latin trumpet player, pianist, arranger and composer (“Iyabo”, “Danza Negra”), as well as arranger, orchestrator, conductor and film music composer (“Alice in Wondertown” [Cuban film], “The Sea” by E. Camacho and “Los interests creados” by J.J. Benavente). His music has been premiered by numerous orchestras, chamber groups and choirs (Symphonic Orchestra of Tenerife, Symphonic Orchestra of A Corunha, Symphonic Orchestra of Basque Country, Youth Orchestra of Basque Country, Philarmonic Orchestra of Havana, Camerata Lacunensis, Capriccio Quartet, Cervantes Trio, among others), taking part in many recording productions.

Puig-Hatem has won several international Awards with works such as “El Guije – Symphonic Suite for Large Orchestra” (1989), “Estilo de la palma” (1992, for solo guitar) or “Villancico canario” (1995, for mixed choir). In June 2007 Puig-Hatem was selected as the winner of prestigious “Brandon Fradd Fellowship in Music Composition” granted by Cintas Foundation. He has recently finished his latest work for orchestra, “Florida Concert”, Double concerto for Viola, Basson and Orchestra, dedicated to Gerard Causse and Reynold Cardenas, to be premiered in France and Spain soon. He is currently working in his first two CD productions as latin jazz soloist.