Jose Angel Navarro 

Jose Angel Navarro - Guitar Class Miami, Guitar Lesson Miami

Using his technical expertise in the guitar, Mr. Jose Angel Navarro has been able to bring to the concert halls throughout the world the sounds and the concepts of Afro-Cuban music. His compositions on the Afro concept have been honored and celebrated by the masters of the instrument as being a total innovation in the sense of conceptual sonority and sound as a patrimony inside the composition for the guitar of Latin America.

His personally developed technique is acclaimed by music’s best as being unique in the world. Included in this technique, is his ability to imitate the sounds of the traditional ceremonial drums on the guitar strings by applying a left-handed muffled harmonics with simultaneous played notes. While he is classified by the guitar world as being one of the fastest guitar players in the world, he has an ability to make his hands seem to be at a standstill.

One can appreciate the brilliance of his speed and technique in all of his music whether he plays Classical, Flamenco, Jazz, Fusion, or New Age.

In his artistic career, he has participated as Master in 18 Guitar International Festivals. Internationally he has shared the stage with, and in many occasion played together with, such masters of the Guitar as John McLaughlin, Stanley Jordan, Paco De Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Tomatito, Reimundo Amador, Larry Coryell, Joan Bibiloni, Bireli, Lagrene, Javier Vargas, Ray Gomez, Luis Salinas, Strunz and Farah among others.


Jose Angel was my real motivation to study the guitar in serious way. He is an example of virtuous guitarist who is able to play Jazz, Flamenco, Classical, New Age, Fusion and his own style playing afrocuban music. I am grateful to life for giving me the opportunity to have known him... Thanks Angel

Christian A. Padron

He is the best guitar teacher I have met in my life. He knows everything about guitar included a lot of styles of music. Among the best guitarists in the world, Jose Angel is the first guitarist I listened to in live that sounds the same like on his albums. Simply a monster guitarist, good friend and amazing guitar teacher... God bless you Jose Angel