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Our tutorial series is finally here.

We have been working on a series of tutorials for a while now and the first one is finally here. Click below to see it.
Many more to come. 🙂

Keepsake ART Workshop!

This fun group art class will give each student an opportunity to share ideas with other students and receive individual guidance from the art teacher as they create their wonderfully unique keepsake! Saturday, January 28th and February 4th 9:45 – 11:45am

Master Class with Olga Valiente

Saturday, January 21th, 2017 @ Encore Academy of the Arts’ South Miami location

First session of Encore’s Musical Theatre Company

Last Saturday September 24th, we began the first session of Encore’s Musical Theatre Company!

Special Recognition to the participants of the 2016 Florida State Music Teachers Association Student Day Auditions.

These students not only had to perform a three piece program by memory, but they also had to take a written and aural theory exam, sight-reading as well as a piano skills test which included scales, arpeggios, chords, intervals & transposition. Level 2: Isabella Castilla Level 3: Joshua Mendez Level 4: Elena Correa, Daniel Farias, […]