Carmen Judez 

flamenco classes, spanish dance classes

Carmen Judez “Cachela” began Spanish Dance and Flamenco lessons at the age of 3 years old. In 2003, she began teaching Spanish dance, Flamenco and Tap to children and adults in her native country, Venezuela. Cachela has trained with renowned Flamenco artists such as La Truco, Pepe Molina, Carmela Greco, Maria Juncal, Alfonso Losa, Dagmara Brown, Concha Jareno, Carmen “La Talegona” and Miguel Canas. In 2011, she was awarded a scholarship for her outstanding performance at the “Circle Dedicated to the Complete Formation of Flamenco Dance.” She has since been recognized as being an outstanding dancer by La Truco, Pepe Molina, and Antonio Canales. The techniques she learned over the years are incorporated in her teaching style. Cachela also teaches the art of dancing with castanets, fans, shawls and “bata de cola.”