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2012 Jazz Festival presented by the Miami Music Teachers Foundation.

Kudos to Carolina Rivero, James Bao, Daniel Sanchez, Laura Sanabria, Jessica Calzadilla, Supriya Gudi, Melissa Chinnappan and Kevin Hoffer who participated in the 2012 Jazz Festival presented by the Miami Music Teachers Foundation. You all received wonderful remarks by the distinguished judge, Mr. Jim Gasior.

Master Class with Kemal Gekic

Master Class on November 10th with Kemal Gekic at Encore Music Academy. “Gekic rides the charismatic edge of genius,” says The Boston Globe about the pianist whose artistic credo encompasses both a knowledge of all the facts essential to reconstructing the musical idea behind the works he plays and the power to bring it alive for today’s audiences. Performing worldwide […]

Congratulations to Angelina Carballo!!

Congratulations to Angelina Carballo for being chosen for the performance of the Christmas Carol as Tiny Tim at the Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre. Way to go Angie!!