Alfredo Chacon 

Alfredo Chacón grew up in a family of musicians and learned how to play the piano and read music at the age of five. With his father being an Orchestra Conductor, the sound of classical music was present at home all the time.

In 1981 he commenced his musical education, from Elementary school at the Conservatory Manuel Saumell to Superior Level at the Superior Institute of Arts in Havana.

His first venture with popular music was in 1986 playing vibraphone with SinTrans, a jazz group founded at the Conservatory Amadeo Roldán. SinTrans got to perform at the International Jazz Festival in Havana in 1987 and 1988.

In 1991 Alfredo relocates to Stockholm, Sweden where he develops his professional career as a musician, working and recording with many of the most prominent artists and acts in Sweden: Nordman, Bo Kaspers Orkester, Bebo Valdés, Lill Lindfors, Peter Jöback, Carola, Blacknuss All Stars, Stockholm Folk Big Band, Jonas Knutsson, Magnus Lindgren & Radiojazzgruppen, Janne Tolf and Mats Holmkvists Big Band to name a few.?He got to tour all around Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France and other european countries, covering various genres like Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Fusion, Folklore, Latin Jazz and much more.

In 1998 Alfredo becomes Musical Director of the group Los Tigres, where he composes and arranges. In 2001 he founds the group SonEra, now performing only his own compositions as well as arrangements.

In 2000 Alfredo participates in the project Cuban All Stars, an orchestra formed by Cuban musicians residing in Europe, with Bobby Carcasés as a special guest star.

During this period of time he also developed his tutorial career, working as a drum and percussion teacher at Rinkeby Music School, Kulturama and at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Alfredo also presented Workshops of Cuban music all over Sweden.

In January 2004 he changes the snow in Stockholm for Madrid, looking for new experiences as a Percussionist, Composer and Producer. In Spain he shares stage as well as studios with Aute, Beatriz Luengo, Andy & Lucas, Victoria Abril, David Bisbal, Paco Ortega, Habana Blues, David Bustamante, YADAM and Cruceta Flamenco among many others.

At the present Alfredo has his residence in Miami. He is the Musical Director, Vibraphonist, Percussionist and Composer of his own Project Alfredo Chacón Groove, presenting his new album MAGIC PLACE in which his Cuban roots are mixed with influences from other genres like Funk, Bossa, Soul and Bebop in a blend of beautiful melodies and groovy rhythms.

The result is a fresh, colorful, joyous and elegant music full of surprises that will get the listener in a good mood.